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09 November 2011 @ 11:52 pm
In Thai, noun modifiers follow the noun. This was surprising to me because neither Chinese, Korean, Japanese nor Tagalog do this.

Korean: 이 차

Chinese: 这个车\這個車

Japanese: この車

Tagalog: itong kotse (na ito)

Thai: รถคันนี้ or คันนี้ or รถนี้
09 November 2011 @ 11:50 pm
2년 더 있어야 돼요. - I only have to do two more years. (at school)

학교에 갈때만 6시에 일어나요. - I only wake up at 6 when I go to school.

못하는게 많네요. - There are so many mistakes! :(

악기 다를줄 아는거 있어요? - Can you play any musical instruments?

my favourite: 자신감을 얻었어~ - I’ve gained confidence ^^
09 November 2011 @ 11:47 pm
This was my first ever mass-translation from Korean. This extract is found in 'Modern Korean Intermediate Reader' :)

‘서울’이라는 말에는 두 가지 뜻이 있다. 첫 번째는 ‘한 나라의 수도’라는 뜻이다. ‘이 곳은 서울이기 때문에 관공서가 많다.’라고 말 할 때는 ‘수도’의 뜻으로 쓰였다.

There are two meanings to ‘Seoul’. The first meaning is ‘a nation’s capital’. When people say ‘There are many government offices here because it is Seoul’, the meaning of 수도 (capital city) is used.

두 번쨰는 도시의 이름을 말한다. ‘서울은 신라 시대에는 아주 작은 마을이였다.’고 말 할 때는 ‘한 지방의 이름’으로 쓰였다.

The second meaning says the name of the city. When people say ‘Seoul was quite a small village during the Shil-la period’, Seoul is used in the sense of ‘an area’s name’.

만일 누가 ‘한국의 서울은 어디예요?’라고 물는다면, ‘한국의 서울은 서울이에요’라는 좀 이상한 대답을 하지않으면 안된다. 그러나 서울이라는 말이 두 가지 뜻으로 쓰인다는 것을 알면 이상할 것이 없다.

If whoever asks ‘Where is Korea’s Seoul?’, it must be a little strange if one answered ‘Korea’s Seoul is the Seoul’. However, if you know that Seoul is used with two meanings, there will be nothing strange to you.

지금으로부터 약 600년 전, 조선 왕조 때 서울이 수도로 정해졌다. 그 전에도 서울은 매우 중요한 곳으로 여겨졌다.

Around 600 years ago from now, during the Jo-seon dynasty, Seoul was decided as the capital.Even at that time, Seoul was considered a very important place.

옛날에는 ‘서울’이라는 이름 대신에 ‘한양’, ‘한성’이라고 불렀었다. 서울은 조선 시대에는 그렇게 큰 도시가 아니였다. 그러나 지금은 인구가 천만이 넘는 대도시가 되었다.

In the old days, it was called ‘Hanyang’ or ‘Hanseong’ instead of ‘Seoul’. Seoul was not a big city during the Jo-seon dynasty. Now, however, the population has exceeded over 10,000,000.
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08 November 2011 @ 08:10 pm
I've been lurking on LJ for quite some time, and I think I will utilise it from now. There seems to be a lot of interest communities on here, especially for music and languages. 
Tumblr is okay, but it's difficult to comment on entries, or to reply to comment, etc. Maybe I'll move some of my entries to LJ :)
I will be posting about my linguistic adventures, revelations, and so on. Moreover, I may post about musical stuff like the BASS GUITAR  for which I am becoming completely obsessed :)
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