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09 November 2011 @ 11:56 pm
My two passions (18/08/11)  
Learning to play the guitar is like learning a language:

You learn chords, which are bulks of notes put together, and are the first step into playing music.

You learn phrases which introduce you to the language and even the culture.

You learn the notes which form the chords, the names of the strings and how to find notes on a string, which gives you a deeper understanding of the chord’s shape and helps you to form a chord more quickly.

You learn the writing and pronunciation system, which allow you to know the proper pronunciation and hear the differences between different accents.

You learn chord theory, in which you can discover why each chord has a particular structure and why each chord uses certain notes, and gives you the ability to form a chord with knowledge of just the name.

You can learn the grammar, which help you to understand exactly what something means, and allows you to form your own sentences correctly.

You can create many different riffs and use them in different orders to form a song.

You can learn standard structures and even make your own structures, and by using them in different ways with slightly different vocabulary each time, you can convey your message in full sentences.

You can use licks, hammer-ons/pull-offs, bending, vibratos and the like to add another layer to your song.

You can use idioms, mannerisms, intonations and proverbs to make your language skills shine.

You can express your feelings through music: you can strum harshly in drop tuning to show your anger, pluck minor chords to play sadness..you can speak through music.

You can also express your feelings with words: through powerful description, intonation, volume, tempo..speaking in poetry can seem like music.

Lastly, you can play really quickly and seem like an expert, regardless of your lack of rhythm (and other elements),

And, you can speak really quickly and equate that to fluency, regardless of your limited vocabulary and terrible pronunciation. ;)